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  • Common Questions

    General Questions

    If you are already a registered consignor you may bring your tagged items during re-stock days. Check the re-stock page for items we will be accepting. If the sale has already opened to the public, no new sellers will be accepted until our next seasonal event.  Join our mailing list for updates on seller registration.

    TTT takes theft seriously and that is why we prosecute to the fullest extent of the law.  All theft or tag switching will result in a police matter and charges pressed.  Security may be labeled or plain clothed to ensure that offenders are caught. Bags, strollers, carriers, containers etc are subject to search.

    Perry: The building is temperature controlled at this location during both seasons.

    Conyers: Our facility is a metal structure in Conyers, so temperatures will be hotter in warm months and colder in cool months. Dressing appropriately is recommended, as this facility is not temperature controlled in March or October events. It will have temporary AC in events held in September.

    Because items are gently used, it is the customer’s responsibility to inspect items prior to purchasing.  TTT has a team of volunteer inspectors who check items for quality and cleanliness, but do not always catch everything. On a case by case basis, returns will be accepted for items that TTT believes may have been misrepresented by the seller.  Otherwise, all sales are final.  Once the event is closed, TTT cannot offer any refunds.  TTT holds their sellers responsible for these situations as they arise.

    Restrooms are located at each facility and are accessed from outside our building. There are signs directing to the restrooms.

    We do have a fitting room. Please ask a volunteer for assistance.  All items going in and out will be counted and monitored for security reasons.

    TTT has a limited supply of buggies available and a large supply of over-sized shopping bags. Shoppers can fill their shopping bag and have a volunteer place their bag behind checkout while they continue shopping. Customers are also welcome to bring their own shopping container. Containers are subject to search upon exit.

    Even though our lines may look long in length, they move FAST! Opening day and Dollar Dash is the busiest time. With 13-15 registers open, TTT can check out a 250 foot line in about 40 minutes or less. Other Mega sales the same size as us have lines that are 4 hours long due to outdated checkout procedures. Our main focus is to move the line as quickly as possible; we do not de-tag or remove hangers. To ensure accuracy and expedite checkout, we ask that customers hand us items in groups of 5 at the register.

    Parking and admission are free. Customers can also take advantage of purchasing EARLY ENTRANCE tickets to get in BEFORE we open to the public.

    Seller Questions

    Please read the Sell pages on our site. These pages will give you info about how to sell, preparing your items, and important dates and times for the event.

    TTT has checks ready for sellers when they pick up their unsold merchandise. Sellers who choose not to pick up their unsold items will receive their check via mail. If there are any accounts with questions, those checks will also be mailed. Addresses on file when registering are used for mailing purposes. Please contact us if you need to change your address after the system shuts down.

    Minimum: 30 Items

    Maximum: Bring as many quality items as you like!

    What We Accept – This page explains what we are accepting for the current event.

    Sellers have three options for unsold items…

    1. Pick up your unsold items at the designated pick up day
    2. Donate your items (choose the donate option when creating your tags)
    3. Combination of both options. Most sellers will donate some of their items and pick up the rest.

    When you sign up to sell you are assigned a seller ID number which prints on all of your tags after you create them in the system. Each tag has a barcode with your information embedded into it. Our computer system reads that information at checkout and allows us to have your check ready at pick up!

    See The Pre-Sale page for times and more info.

    Perry: Tuesday, 2/20/18 @ 6pm

    Conyers: Wednesday, 3/7/18 @ 6pm

    This is a scheduled, automatic shutdown. Once the system is shut down it cannot be re-opened. Tags can no longer be transferred from other sales after this time.  RE-STOCK tags can still be made and tags previously entered can still be printed after this time.

    When seller registration is full or when drop off days end, whichever happens first.  Availability is VERY limited the closer the sale gets. Allow a few days to properly prepare and price your items before dropping off.

    Troubleshooting Questions

    The most common problem for this is pop-up blockers. A simple way to stop the popup blocker is for you to hold down the CTRL key when you click on the print button. This will disable the popup blocker for that particular link. You will need to do this each time they click. If you want a more permanent solution, read below (IE stands for Internet Explorer).

    One thing that is important to note, and often overlooked is that it is not uncommon for a computer to be running more than one popup blocker. Almost any IE toolbar that is installed (google, yahoo, aol, etc.) have their own popup blocker. If you disable the IE popup blocker, then the toolbar popup blocker just takes over. So you will need to modify or disable ALL the popup blockers that may be installed.

    Some Mac users are reporting issues with 1/2 of the tag printing off the page when they print their tags on a Mac using the Safari browser. The solution for this is to print tags using Internet Explorer. You should be able to do all other functions in MSM with no problem on your Mac. Tag printing is better done using Internet Explorer if you have printing issues when using the Safari browser.

    When it comes to printing, if consignors are printing a large number of tags at once, they should wait for the status bar at the bottom of the browser window to complete, meaning all tags are now visible on the screen. If they start printing before all the data is downloaded to their web browser, it is possible that all of the tags are not fully represented on the screen when they clicked print.

    Also, since the stars are red, if someone prints on a color printer and it is out of red ink, the star likely will not print on the tag.

    Some consignors have had text issues with their tags when using Mozilla Firefox. Try opening your internet browser to tag/print items in Internet Explorer instead.

    No. The star can be ANY color.

    I went to a couple of sales last week and NOTHING compares to your sale.
    - Kim C.