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    Clothes from TTT. Photo by Shannon Johnson Photography

    TTT has a team of wonderful volunteers and we would love for you to join us.  Volunteering at our event allows you to shop BEFORE we open to the public.  The more hours you volunteer, the earlier you shop!  Sellers who volunteer also keep a higher percentage of their sales.   Below you will find a list of duties and tasks that we need help with each season. 


    To volunteer, click your sale’s location at the top of the page.


    Rack Set Up (Guys) We need a team of men to assist Clay Johns (Co-Owner) in unloading our truck, and setting up racks.  TTT does have a forklift and operator who unloads most of the heavy equipment. Clothing racks do not require any major tools to set up. The rack set up team will be under the direction of Clay Johns.  This position is filled by submitting a request to TTT.
    Rack Break Down (Guys) We need a team of men to assist Clay Johns (Co-Owner) in breaking down the racks and loading them onto our truck after the event closes. The rack breakdown team will be under the direction of Clay Johns. This position is filled by submitting a request to TTT.
    Inspector Inspectors check seller’s items when they drop off. TTT is very attentive to the quality of merchandise on our sales floor. We want inspectors who can follow our quality control guidelines, have a picky eye for quality, and the authority to return rejected items in a friendly manner back to the consignor. This position is filled by submitting a request to TTT.
    Floor Director Floor Directors are stationed in sections of the sales floor during Drop Off Days; Each director shall become familiar with signage, bins, or racks that their section is comprised of and be efficient in organizing and merchandising their section.  When a consignor has gone through inspection, they will be directed to the sales floor where the Floor Directors assist them in placing their merchandise in the correct locations.
    Door Security (Guys) In addition to our hired security staff, we also need a door monitor to observe incoming and outgoing customers on our busiest days.  Door monitors also collect pre-sale passes, inspect large outgoing items for paid tags, help customers load their vehicle, and other misc. tasks needed at the front.  This position is filled by submitting a request to TTT.
    Bagger Baggers assist cashiers during checkout.  Baggers are responsible for counting the number of items the customer is buying, verifying scans cashier makes on screen, and bagging items for customers. Baggers are NOT authorized to operate the cash register or checkout screen.
    Cashier Cashiers are in charge of correctly scanning tags and collecting funds from the customer using our simple computer system. Each cashier is signed in to an appointed register. This position is filled by submitting a request to TTT.  Position is filled by invitation or returning cashiers ONLY.
    Floor Monitor Floor Monitors are in charge of the sales floor during event days. They re-organize and condense the sales floor as items are purchased, maintain the clothing racks, return items back to the sales floor when needed, and place items in our holding area for customers while they shop.  Floor monitors also patrol the floor to observe customers, offer shopping bags, and provide assistance.
    Holding Area Monitor Items such as strollers, car seats, big toys, furniture, etc are placed in a holding area while the customer continues to shop. Holding Area Monitors are in charge of keeping the holding area organized in alphabetical order. Once the customer is ready to check out, the Holding Area Monitor retrieves those items for the cashier.
    Sorter Sorters organize leftover items back to seller ID# after the event closes in preparation for pick up day.  Sort days have a variety of tasks from condensing and clearing tables, sub sorting, and final sorting.


    I love how you have everything so organized!
    - Jessica B.