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    Every Spring & Fall ~ Free Parking & Admission

  • What You’ll Find

    Kid’s Clothing Brands Seen At Our Events



    Outfit purchased from TTT


    Seasonal Clothing, Shoes & Accessories
    Infant, Child, Teen and Maternity

    Highchairs, Play Yards, Gyms, Walkers, Swings, Bassinets, Exersaucers, & More.

    Play Houses, Bikes, Kitchens, Slides, Tool Benches, Small Toys, & More.

    Infant Items
    Bumbos, Boppys, Mobiles, Diaper Genies, Tubs, Nursing Supplies, & More.


    Shirt purchased from TTT

    Youth Furniture
    Cribs, Toddler & Youth Beds, Dressers, Changing Tables, Desks, & More.

    Youth Décor
    Youth Room Decor: Rugs, Lamps, Chairs, Rugs, Pillows, & More.

    Youth Kitchenware
    Bottles, Cups, Plates, Utensils, & More.

    Entertainment Items
    DVDs, Books, Board Games, Arts & Crafts, Puzzles, & More.

    Seasonal Items
    Children’s items pertaining to seasonal holidays through the next event.


    Shirt & pants purchased from TTT

    High school and college fashions for girls and guys. Teen clothes are now brand specific.

    Teen Girl Sizes: 00-9 (extra small to medium)
    Teen Guy Sizes: Extra small to medium (16½” Neck, 34″ Waist)

    Brands Accepted: Abercrombie, Adidas, Aeropostale, American Eagle, Bebe, Blu Pepper, Boutique Brands/Styles, Charlotte Russe, Carhart, Columbia, Forever 21, Free People, H&M, Hollister, Juicy, Levis, Lucky, Miss Me, Nike, North Face, Old Navy, Pac Sun, Paper and Denim, Paige, Patagonia, PINK, Ralph Lauren Polo, Red Camel, Rock and Republic, Roxy, Rue 21, Seven Jeans, True Religion, Under Armour, Urban Outfiters, Volcom.  We also accept other brand fashion dresses and swim suits.


    Teen Clothing Brands Seen At Our Events



    Thank you for coming to our area! I can't believe you sold every item I consigned! I've consigned with several local sales in our area, and I want to let you know yours was the best by far! I LOVED the tagging system and that I could view my sales online.
    - Jennie S.