• Conyers GA - GA International Horse Park

    March 10-17, 2018 ~ Free Parking & Admission

  • Register To Consign: Conyers, GA Location

    How To Consign

    Benefits of Consigning

    • You don’t have to be present to sell. Tags are barcoded for reconciliation.
    • Keep 70% of your sales. An $11.50 participation fee is deducted from your check.
    • Volunteer to earn up to 85% of your sales.
    • Receive TWO passes to shop before the public.
    • Track your sales online during the event to see how much you have sold each day!

    What's New For Spring 2018


    Pants, boots, & dress purchased from TTT.

    • In the effort to increase quality standards, sales, and reduce labor costs, TTT will now REQUIRE ALL consignors to follow the “what we accept” guidelines in order to continue participation in our events.  Consignors should ensure that their items meet these guidelines before dropping off.  Inspectors note each consignor’s level of unacceptable items. TTT will issue a warning for excessive amounts of unaccepted items.  After the 1st warning, TTT will prohibit those sellers from participating in future events.

    • Hair bow crafters are limited to 1 display rack. Rack dimensions must be no longer than 4 ft long, and no wider than 2 ft.  Use the link below reserve a Hair Bow spot.
    • Bedding sets, comforters, and padded crib bumpers are no longer accepted.  (MESH bumpers as well as sheets, blankets, mattress pads, etc are still accepted).  All bedding separates will be placed in bins.  There will no longer be a hanging rack for these items.
    • Wooden and cardboard puzzles must be secured with either saran wrap, large bags, or painters/masking tape so that the pieces are not ruined.  If these items are secured with packing tape, they will not be accepted.
    • TTT will remove sellers from drop off appointments if no inventory is entered into their account within 48 hrs prior to their drop off appointment.
    • The minimum amount of items accepted to participate is now 30 items.  There are no maximum limits!

    Want to Participate in BOTH locations?

    If you want to participate in both locations, contact us to have the same consignor number for both sales. You will be able to transfer your tags between locations.

    Hair Bow Crafters, Click here to reserve your spot!



    I love how you have everything so organized!
    - Jessica B.