• Conyers GA - GA International Horse Park

    March 10-17, 2018 ~ Free Parking & Admission

  • Drop Off & Pick Up Procedures: Conyers, GA Location

    Drop Off Info

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    March 4-7, 2018 Appointment Times
    SUN 11:00am - 7:00pm
    MON-TUES 9:00am - 7:00pm
    WED 9:00am - 3:00pm


    Depending on the size of your load and the day you choose to drop off, expect to spend 1 hour for smaller loads and 2 or more hours for large loads. Mega Sellers can expect longer times for dropping off trailer loads, etc. The length of your appointment can fluctuate depending on different circumstances.



    Vest purchased from TTT. Photo by Whitney Gaines


    • Sellers with more than $3,000 in inventory will have to drop off on Sunday or Monday. Please look for appointments labeled $3K+ load.

    When You Arrive

    • Get a rolling rack to hang your clothing items in size/gender order. Toys and other large items can be placed on the bottom of a rack or brought inside once you have been assigned to a station. DO NOT use more than 3 racks at a time.
    • Bring rack inside and fill out your paperwork. You will receive your pre-sale passes at check in.
    • We will assign you a drop off station to take your things to. Inspectors will rotate stations in order of your arrival. Anything not following our seasonal, size, security, or quality guidelines will not be accepted.
    • Inspectors will inform you once a rack has been completely inspected.  Place items on the sales floor that have passed inspection. Your inspector will continue to look through remaining items to expedite your appointment.  Department signs are displayed above sections, and smaller signs are listed on bins and tables within each section.  Table cloths and signs are color coded for easy identification of where items should go: Pink for girls, Blue for boys, Green for neutral items.  Volunteers with name tags are on the sales floor to assist you in different sections.
    • You are finished once all of your items are correctly placed on the sales floor. See table attendant when exiting to receive your items that were rejected during inspection. Please return rolling racks outside so that other sellers may find them.

    Do not let unattended children assist at Drop Off: We have seen children place items in several spots incorrectly. This is discouraging to volunteers who help organize the sales floor, and to customers who won’t be able to find your item to purchase.


    Pick Up Info


    Peacoat purchased from TTT.

    March 21, 2018
    No appointment needed 10:00am - 9:00pm


    1. Doors do not open early.
    2. Pull into the open bay doors. An attendant will ask for your consignor number and place it on a hang tag. Drive Thru.
    3. Pull all the way in, turn your engine off and go to the sign in table.  Show your ID and sign off on the consignor pick up sheet.
    4. A worker will help you load your items into your car.
    5. Looking through the lost tags items: To keep the flow of traffic moving, drive out of the building and park to the right. You may walk back inside to the table area where the lost tags aisle is. If an item is yours, please see the table attendant to fill out a claim slip.
    Important information about Pick Up:

    TTT has a contractual obligation to be loaded OUT of the building by the end of pick up day. For this reason, we do not have the time to allow additional pick up times. Absolutely No Exceptions.

    All items not picked up will be donated.

    Alternate Pick Up Persons:

    Your Drop Off sign in sheet has a section for you to fill out your approved pick up alternates. Alternates can be anyone who you trust to pick up your things should you not be able to come.

    Alternates are required to show proof of identification at pick up.

    Be sure your alternate knows your consignor number. Write it down for them and let them know what to expect at pick up.

    Thank you for coming to our area! I can't believe you sold every item I consigned! I've consigned with several local sales in our area, and I want to let you know yours was the best by far! I LOVED the tagging system and that I could view my sales online.
    - Jennie S.