What We Accept: Perry

All Season Items

Indoor and Outdoor Toys
Youth Furniture and Decor
Baby & Youth Equipment
pack n plays, strollers, bouncy seats, etc

Baby Items diapers, feeding accessories, burp cloths, etc.
Furniture We do NOT accept mattresses by themselves but are OK WITH a bed. Secure to bed.

Kid's Books, Games, Puzzles, Flash Cards, etc
Youth Electronics consoles, Wii-DS-PS and other console games
in original cases and must be youth only (lullabies, Sing-a-longs, Kid's Bop, etc)
in original cases, children & teen movies only. No R rated
Stuffed Animals electronic, Build-A-Bear, Beanie Baby, current seasonal holiday, Pillow type animals, special decor types, and Characters such as Dora, Barney etc. No carnival or prize types.
Dance Wear 
Youth and Teen Sporting Goods
Panties/Boxers must be NEW in packaging or with retail tags attached. Gently used bras are ok.
Diaper Bags, Totes, Overnight bags, Youth Suitcases NO Purses.
Bedding: Crib, Toddler, and Twin sized bedding Sets with a price limit of no more than $30.

  Items that Expire:
Accepted if manufactured 2013 & newer
Books 1986 & Up are OK (Due to lead laws). Books will not be accepted if they look old, yellowed, or have inappropriate content.
Baby Carriers/Bases
Car Seats/Boosters

2013 & newer unless a specific future expiration date is listed on or after 3/2017.
Baby Food Manufacturer Sealed
Must be in date through last event day
Cribs Manufacturer dated 7/28/11 & newer or with physical copy of certificate of compliance stating crib meets law 16 CFR 1219 or 16 CFR 1220.
Contact manufacturer to obtain copy.

No Recalled Items
It is the consignor's responsibility to check items for recalls.  The easiest way to check for a recall is to call the manufacturer directly, or to look the item up on the manufacturer's website.  You can also call or use the CPSC (Consumer Product and Safety Commission) website to check for recalls at http://www.cpsc.gov/en/Recalls/
Be Prepared: Important Notes

Large items "New in Box": Will need to be set up to ensure all pieces are included.
Equipment/Furniture: Will need to be securely set up
DVDs, Console Games, and CDs: place in the boxes underneath each drop off station. They will be inspected and displayed by our helpers.
Batteries in Items: Are required for all LARGE equipment such as bouncy seats, electronic pack n' plays, exersaucers, jumperoos, walkers, etc.  Place inexpensive (Dollar Store) batteries in your toys to help them sell better.  Adding 50 cents to your items can reimburse your supply cost, while improving your chances of selling that item.
Teen Clothing: If you are selling teen clothing, inform the table attendant that you have teen clothing when filling out your drop off paperwork.  Please only bring current, fashionable styles.  Just because an item is a Teen size, doesn't mean it will be accepted.

Sizes Accepted
Maternity: All sizes, maternity brands only
Premie, Infant, Toddler, Child/Youth: ALL sizes
Teen Girl: Size 00 - Juniors 9 (Med). Teen Styles ONLY.
Teen Boy: XS - Men's Med, up to 16½ neck & sz 34 waist

Shoes: Up to 11 Women's, and 12 Men's. Kid and teen styles only.
Quality Standards
Items that do not meet our standards will be rejected at drop off. Pre-inspect your items prior to preparing them for the sale. Do not bring items that are...
Stained, torn, faded, worn, piled (fuzz balls)
Missing buttons/snaps, or have broken zippers
Smell of smoke or moth balls
Have pet hair. Lint roll items with pet hair prior to dropping off.
Equipment that has soiled straps or missing straps

Items that have food or waste residues on them
Outdoor Toys/Equipment excessively spotted

Missing pieces unless clearly labeled on the tag what is missing
Tires and other items must be properly inflated.
Nothing that looks OLD or Unsafe. MUST check items for recalls!
  Clothing & Seasonal Items

Use THIS Current Guide for
Fall/Winter Event in August ONLY.

Capris, Pants, Jeans, Winter Skirts and Dresses
Manufacturer clothing sets with winter pants and winter short sleeves are ok. Basic Jean Skirts OK. No Spring/Summer styles.
3/4 Length Tops, Long Sleeves, Short Sleeves WITH Winter Detailing, Camis for girls/teens.
Basic Short Sleeve Shirts: *Limit 20 per consignor. See Polo note below.
No spring/summer themes, fabrics, or styles for this season.
New Fall 2016: We will accept unlimited POLO brand short sleeve shirts that are basic colors. No Spring/Summer colors/patterns.
Jackets, Coats, Sweaters, etc 
Onesies: Basic infant onesies are accepted year round
Hats, Gloves, Scarves
Fall & Winter styles only. Must Look Brand New. Solid Crocs accepted year round.  No flip flops, sandals, or white dress shoes.
Holiday Themed Youth Items:
Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and Valentines.
School Uniforms:
Pants, Skirts, Long Sleeve and Short Sleeve (No Shorts)
Not Accepted
No Jewelry
No Purses (We do accept diaper bags, totes, overnight bags)
No Cassette Tapes or Computer (desktop/laptop) Games

NO candles
NO posters
NEW! NO Porcelain Dolls
New! NO Porcelain Dolls
No Parenting, Baby Name, or Expecting type books
NO Wallpaper Borders of any kind. Wall Stickers OK
No Hospital Issued Receiving Blankets or Hats
NO prom/homecoming dresses or formal attire for TEENS (Little girl's formals ok).
This guide is for our
 Spring/Summer sale held every February.
DO NOT use this Guide for the current event.

Shorts, Capris, Spring Skirts/Dresses, Jeans & Light Pants*
Lightweight pants must be spring/summer colors. No velvet, suede, or fleece materials. No Fall/Winter styles
Short Sleeves, Tank Tops, Sleeveless Tops, 3/4 Length Tops
Long sleeve tops w/ spring detailing is ok (Bunny Rabbit, Spring Flowers etc).  Boys pastel long sleeve dress shirts ok for Easter
. No velvet, suede, fleece materials or winter styles.
Swimwear & Outdoor Items
Life vests, pool toys, swim diapers, beach hats, etc
Infant (up to 24 mth) lightweight long sleeve, pants, sleepers
Onesies: Basic onesies are accepted year round 
Windbreakers, Rain Coats, Denim Jackets & Easter Sweaters 
Spring & Summer styles only. Must look new. No suede shoes or winter boots. Solid Crocs accepted year round. No Scuffs, spots, or worn looking shoes.
Holiday Themed Youth Items:
St. Patty's Day, Easter, and 4th of July

School Uniforms:
Shorts, Pants, Shorts, Skirts, & Short Sleeve (No Long Sleeves).

NOT Accepted
NEW! No Empty diaper wipe containers
No TVs/Large Electronics unless it is child themed. (ex. Pink Disney TV, etc)
Nothing that looks out of date or unsafe
No Bedding sizes Full, Queen, or King.
No Carnival Prize or Fast Food Kiddie Meal Prize Toys!
No Junk/Random Grab Bags.  Grab bags must have similar quality items.
No Mature Home Decor. MUST BE KID/TEEN Related!
No Infant Carrier Car Seats without the base
ONLY used pacifiers accepted are soothie/gumdrop style